The Strongest Review

Developer: Laboratory
Price: $0.99
Version Reviewed: 1.1.0
App Reviewed on: iPad 3

Graphics / Sound Rating: ★★★★½
User Interface Rating: ★★★★★
Gameplay Rating: ★★★★★
Re-use / Replay Value Rating: ★★★★★

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

It’s only human nature that we all face a certain point in our lives when we just want to punch something. Anything. That’s where video games come in; they’ve always presented a healthy outlet to safely unload all of that frustration.

Laboratory’s The Strongest is one of the best recent examples of note when it comes to channeling all the good that can come from indulging the thralls of mindless aggression into a gauntlet of cerebral challenges.

imagejpg1_zps0e2afa8aWhat does that mean exactly? Well let’s dive into the nuances of the very thing The Strongest will have you do about 99.9% of the time: punching. Standing tall in the middle of a throughway known to cater to heavy civilian traffic is one really, really muscular nameless dude throwing around challenges through his fists. Left and right, punching anything all who dare to pass by — well not all. Our raging tough guy is an animal lover, and doesn’t believe in serving knuckle sandwiches to any of the animal critters scampering by. For more information, visit Snappy Apps iPhone App Developers Brisbane

There’s no real objective, and no way to really lose. The world in The Strongest never stops as long as you have it open and running. Yet there’s always plenty of punching to give, and a bunch of thinking involved with how you go about it.

The hero is measuring his efforts with feats – namely three different pursuits at any given time that award him experience. Stuff like punching three Halflings, or preventing ten would-be victims from passing by without missing a single punch.

imagejpg1_zpscc4e6e01Completing these feats is a bit more complicated than it may initially seem as there many factors that will interfere with your efforts. For instance, punching a poor helpless critter at any point will reset the progress back to zero on three feats. The specific nature of one feat can also conflict with potentially finishing up another one, making it impossible to try and multi-task all of them simultaneously. You’ll be pushed to prioritize, and the beauty of it is that the rhythmic gameplay of The Strongest is so smooth, it’ll quickly become instinctive.

When the strong man reaches enough experience, he’ll sometime be awarded a new helmet to wear. These silly-looking helmets don’t really add anything to the game directly other than a flair of style, but the humor is a nice touch and comes off as an exchange of tongue-in-cheek meets social commentary on the state of player development in video games today.

imagejpg1_zpsdb396f41The retro-inspired aesthetic of gaming’s past has ironically become an antiquated means of design that’s more than worn out it’s initial welcome in recent years, but the particular use of the style applied within The Strongest works pretty well. The goofy articulation of pixel art and animations help reinforce the inherent silliness, and the chiptune music is another nice touch.

iOS gamers can do a whole lot worse for $0.99, and there’s too much fun to be ignored within The Strongest. Especially when it never ceases its wonderfully stupid sense of magic.

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Terror is a new fear, once foreign

Last Thursday morning I sat reclined in the make-up chair listening, eyes closed, to the latest on the morning’s raids – the largest counter-terror operation in Australian history.

I was about to spend several hours as fifth panelist live on Network Ten’s Studio 10.

The show had been set to feature Apple’s latest iPhone and a glitter cannon in celebration of the excellent Angela Bishop’s 25th year at the network, but the shocking revelations of a foiled attack were going to throw some spanners in the rundown.

While the make-up artist concealed my eye bags, journalists revealed rumours of plans for a random public beheading.

Suddenly, my sternum was heavier in my chest. My mind illustrated a series of graphic day-mares that even the deepest breath failed to erase. For more information, visit Snappy Apps iPhone App Developers Brisbane

A mum flicking through photos of her kids one on the train to work. A man in a suit and tie getting his groceries. Nurses in hospitals. Runners in parks. Surfers on beaches. Our people.

"And…open," said the make-up artist, fanning her work.

I opened my eyes to a darker place. The week prior, the heightened alert level didn’t seem that real, but now I understood the words, "likely but not imminent".

How blessed Australians are that this fear is so foreign to us. How blessed we have been to switch on the radio and have to wait for the traffic report – not the national security report – to hear the familiar names of streets and suburbs.

Last week was a sad reminder to every Australian people the world over live with an exhausting dread every single day. They know no different. Their children duck when cars backfire. They grow up knowing the safest nooks for shelter and security in their own kitchen. For them, peace is a nice concept, not a plausible reality.

On Saturday morning, before the rain, I took my daughter and dog for a walk to the park. As we neared it, behind the trees, I saw two grown men with swords. I stopped, without thinking, and scooped my little one into my arms. My heartbeat steadied as I realised they were fencers with jousting sticks, something that would have made me laugh and make The Castle references a week ago.

I don’t want to let this news of crazy extremists in our midst change things. I want life to keep being a happy medley of new phones, glitter cannons and traffic reports. I don’t want to let it terrify me, but it has.

Our Top Game Reviews for August

trophy 150x150 Our Top Game Reviews for August

Our Top Game Reviews for August, 2014
iPhone Game Reviews by

These five games all received a 4 1/2 or a 5 star review from us, and we heartily recommend all of them.

Of course, as you know, you’re friend will tell you about a game they love and you’ll say “meh”, and vice versa. We encourage you to check out all of our in-depth reviews to find the next game you wind up wasting way too much time with – and we mean that in a good way :)

namefeudicon 150x150 Our Top Game Reviews for AugustNamefeud – $0.99 – Namefeud, developed by Niklas Severinsson, is perfect for parents who are expecting a new addition to the family and would like a handy and fun way to research baby names. The app has many other features which make it a truly universal research tool for parents.

Namefeud, though unique in its purpose, definitely serves new parents well when it comes to narrowing down the perfect names for their newborn. The app features a handy walkthrough of features when you first open it, giving you a fantastic idea of what the app is capable of.

makethemfall 150x150 Our Top Game Reviews for AugustMake Them Fall – Free – from Ketchapp, is about as challenging and addictive as you can get, and all this in such a simple game. It starts off reasonably easy, but gets quite difficult very quickly. But by the time you’re up to six dudes you’re likely hooked and not going to give up without a fight.

Make Them Fall is a game that is very easy to get started with. It loads quickly and since it’s such a simple game, there’s hardly any learning curve.

You just start playing, and that’s one of the real positive points of this game, you can pick it up and just play anytime you have a spare minute.

squirrelwarzicon 150x150 Our Top Game Reviews for AugustSquirrelWarz - $0.99 – SquirrelWarz, from IGORLABS LLC, is simultaneously inventive and adorable at the same time. That’s a big deal, and as far as we’re aware, a first here on the site. 

You see, this action-packed real-time strategy game for the iPad is not only a hoot to play, it also happens to be absolutely, wonderfully cute. With a one dollar price tag added onto that, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

SquirrelWarz is an absolutely effortless recommendation, as well as one of our favorite new games of the year.

shadowfight2icon 150x150 Our Top Game Reviews for AugustShadow Fight 2 – Free – Shadow Fight 2, from Nekki, represents everything we love about iOS gaming: It’s got the free price tag, the excellent graphics, the willingness to be silly, and more than enough action-packed gameplay to keep us coming back time and time again.

In fact, we haven’t had quite as much fun playing any other app as we have playing Shadow Fight 2.

The game has you splitting your time between RPG elements like skill trees and weapons upgrades and more fashionable Mortal Kombat style fighting matches.

It’s unbelievably fun, endlessly rewarding, and one of our new found favorites on any gaming platform.

risewarsicon 150x150 Our Top Game Reviews for AugustRise Wars – $0.99 – Rise Wars, developed by Anibal Leon, brings the strategic game of Risk to iPhone and iPad. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games or you’re looking to try something new, Rise Wars is definitely a game that’s worth checking out.

The layout of the game is very easy to navigate and the sheer number of features and mechanics will definitely appeal to iOS users who enjoy complex games. Rise Wars includes a ton of features that make gameplay even more enjoyable and exciting.

Overall, Rise Wars is definitely a challenging strategy game that isn’t for the faint of heart. If you enjoy a good game of Risk, though, it’s definitely worth a download.

Find your next iPhone game at

  For more information, visit Snappy Apps iPhone App Developers Brisbane

What do YOU think? We’d love to hear your comments, try it and let us know!

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Apps for iPhone that will wow your friends

    More App Info
    description &

  • $4.99

    Fantastical 2 for iPhone – Calendar and Reminders

    by Flexibits Inc.

    If you’re looking for a quick way to input events into your calendar, be sure to have Fantastical 2 for iPhone. Fantastical 2 takes natural language input to easily add items to your schedule. By using the voice dictation feature of iOS, you can say "Mow the lawn every other Saturday" and Fantastical will know exactly what that means, then schedule it. Its innovative horizontal timeline keeps a minimal interface for the days while a list of events neatly scrolls underneath. It also has a powerful search and a companion Mac client if you want the full experience.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • Free

    Yahoo Weather

    by Yahoo

    Looking for a weather app that is more than just a forecast and map? Look no further than Yahoo Weather. This app makes the forecast look stunning and brings conditions such as rain or snow to life. Be prepared with hourly or daily forecasts that get as detailed as can be. The current forecast can also be accessed from your notifications tab with the new iOS 8 Today extension.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • $1.99


    by tap tap tap

    Looking for a pro level Instagram? Camera+ is more than just a camera app. Created by photography lovers, Camera+ boasts incredible features such as: grids, separate white balance locking, a self-timer, stabilizer, and tons more. You can store snaps in Camera+’s lightbox or have them copy to the camera roll. Once you snap that photo, Camera+ has a wealth of editing options. Scene modes correct the lighting and then you flip or rotate your image. Once it’s cropped you then have 27 different filters with another 18 available as in-app purchases. Once you’re done you can share to all the major social networks. Sharing also exists for Flickr, Email, SMS, or just upload it to their servers and share the direct link.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • $4.99


    by Apple

    The iPhone can do more than just edit photos. Why not show off your iPhone with Apple’s one and only iMovie. This app will allow you to create amazing HD movies and Hollywood-style trailers all in the palm of your hands. And with the new iMovie extension, it’s faster to make any video memorable within the Photos app.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • Free


    by Shazam Entertainment Ltd.

    Take ‘Name That Tune’ into the 21st century with Shazam and its magical listening prowess. This app takes just a snippet of a song playing anywhere and will identify it in moments. It supplies direct links to purchase, sharing options, and if the label allows it, lyrics will display that are synced to where you are in the song. Shazam has been around since the App Store’s inception and continues to amaze at every turn, offering more than Siri’s song identification feature.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • Free

    Urbanspoon – Restaurant & Food Reviews

    by Urbanspoon

    If you’re not sure where to get a bite to eat, be sure to have Urbanspoon on your phone. This apps makes finding a place to eat easy as pie. You can shake to get a random recommendation, search nearby based on your GPS location, manually search for a place, or browse restaurants accordingly based on pricing or cuisine type. When viewing a restaurant, you can see the percentage of users that approve, photos of the food, the restaurant’s menu (if available), reviews, and more. All in all, this is the perfect app to make a decision for dinner.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • Free

    Breeze – Pedometer, walk tracker, activity log and movement coach made simple

    by FitnessKeeper, Inc.

    Are you looking for the motivation to stay moving and keep healthy? You don’t have to have a fancy wristband or pedometer to do so. Breeze is a stunning app that keeps an eye on your daily movement and celebrates you getting healthier bit by bit each day. Learn about your progress and get a deeper understanding of your routines, which in turn helps you improve your health by making the necessary changes. Best of all, don’t do it alone: share your progress with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Runkeeper.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • $4.99

    CamScanner Pro

    by IntSig Information Co.,Ltd

    Another brilliant way to get information into your phone is to turn it into a scanner. Many apps perform the miracle of taking a picture of a document at an angle, auto-detecting its corners, and enhancing it before exporting it in a variety of ways. CamScanner Pro makes it easier to enhance your documents just right. Plus, You can send your scans as faxes and even turn your pictures into a searchable PDF with decent OCR.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • Free

    Word Lens

    by Quest Visual

    An interpreter on the go, Word Lens is an innovative use of the iPhone’s camera. This app takes any written word in a foreign language and replaces it with english letters in seconds. The app uses the surrounding sign’s colors to make it look like the sign is actually written in your native language! The effect is impressive even when using the demo packs included where words are reversed. The in-app purchases run $4.99 each and let you translate Spanish, English, French, or Italian.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • $1.99

    Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day

    by Fifth Star Labs LLC

    Is that the Big Dipper you’re looking at? Is that a star or Mars? Are you lost when you look up at the night sky? Download Sky Guide and never be lost again. This app is by far one of the easiest to use of its kind. Hold your phone up to the sky and let the app tell you what you’re looking at. With the addition of the new iOS 8 widget, you can now quickly access the rise and set times of the sun, moon, and planets in your notification center.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • $0.99

    Heads Up!

    by Warner Bros.

    One great way to mix things up is to use your iPhone to play party games. Heads Up stands above the rest by taking advantage of the phone’s small size and accelerometer to create great gameplay. Just pick a category, place your iPhone on your forehead, then get ready to play. Other people must describe the item shown on screen so you can guess it. Get it right? Flip the phone down to show the next card. Time running out? Flip your phone up to pass. Heads Up records video as you play, making for a funny recap of what your opponents look like. Simple to learn, Heads Up is hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

  • More App Info
    description &

  • $2.99


    by NaturalMotion

    Apple used this app to show off the iPhone’s gyroscope; the stack of Jenga blocks rotate as you physically rotate. The effect is quite amazing and it’s like that tower of blocks is really in front of you. This app is well done and plays a lot like the wooden version, without the hassle of re-stacking all of those pieces. Jenga is a prime example of a game that translates perfectly to iOS and adds some killer features. For more information, visit Snappy Apps iPhone App Developers Brisbane

HipstaFox Review

Developer: Fluffy Wiggle
Price: FREE
Version Reviewed: 1.1.1
Device Reviewed On: iPad Air

Graphics / Sound Rating: ★★★★☆
Gameplay Rating: ★★★★½
Playtime Rating: ★★★½☆
Replay Value Rating: ★★★½☆

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

As its name suggests, HipstaFox wears its counterculture appreciation with pride. But it also successfully rides the razor’s edge between charmingly twee and insufferably pretentious. Its only real issue is that it’s more like a great lead single than an entire satisfying album. For more information, visit Snappy Apps iPhone App Developers Brisbane

hipstafox 1That music metaphor wasn’t arbitrary – HipstaFox is, in fact, a rhythm game. As the titular vulpine walks through the forest, players tap the right icons as it passes the flowers representing the note chart. There’s a button for red flowers and blue flowers, and hitting both at once clears purple flowers. The simple setup and relaxed pace keep things manageable with touch controls.

However, instead of playing through a collection of songs like in most music games, HipstaFox just features one unchanging, presumably endless track and encourages players to progress further and get higher scores. Granted, it’s a really fun track. Inspired by one-time internet sensation “What Does the Fox Say?,” the piano medley is surprising soulful and deep with unconventional rhythms that are enjoyable to listen to as well as physically tap out. Plus, it does sound like the kind of hipster music that an upscale coffee shop would play or that Apple would plug in their latest product commercials.

hipstafox 2But while the content might be a little thin, at least it has great packaging. HipstaFox‘s attention to art and design would earn approval from its Brooklyn, Portland, and Williamsburg peers. The woodland backgrounds and their shifting seasons feature rustic, painted colors that recall 60s nature magazine illustrations and Wes Anderson movies. The fox itself is a cute little cartoon creation and players can customize it with unlockable hats and bowties. Also, at the end of each run, players can edit their performance into a mini music video to share with friends.

HipstaFox‘s relative brevity is actually pretty appropriate considering its hipster heritage. This is the same movement behind impossibly tiny cupcakes, after all. But like those teasing desserts, what’s here is so good one can only wonder why there isn’t more.

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